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    Holika Holika #31 and The Saem #AA06 Swatch

    Today I am going to do a quick swatch review on these two polishes. 
    This post has actually been sitting in my draft box for a while but I just never got around to writing it. 
    I got these 2 polishes at Hysen Place in Causeway Bay Hong Kong. They weren't too expensive and the pretty layout of all the polishes just made it so tempting that I couldn't resist.

    I am happy to say that the Holika Holika pastel yellow is now one of my favourite yellows to use and is pretty much my go to yellow colour :) It has a nice coverage with 2 coats and it has a fair dry time. The problem I find with most yellow polishes is that it gets very streaky. I am not sure if it is the pigment to make the yellow or what not, but so far this is the best yellow I have found :)

    The Saem glitter polish is a so so. It looks pretty in the bottle, but on my nails I have my doubts. Maybe it is a problem with the base colour, but I am not loving it at the moment.


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