Medina's Again - Vancouver BC

It is no secret if you have read my previous post about this lovely place that I just love love love this brunch hotspot. The service is spectacular and the food is just outstanding.
This time I went I also got a huge box of matches as a souvenir (free), you never know when those might come in handy. The packaging is so adorable too!!!!!! 

Of course for this visit the place was just as spectacular as before. I loved their tables as well, I was studying it for a long time as the wood patterned looked so pretty and interesting. I couldn't help but to think how it was made as that isn't the pattern of a natural wood plank. Then half way through brunch it finally came to me, I think it was from small wood chips fused together with resin to form a block and then the block would be sliced into smaller pieces to make the table? Hahaha... the things that go through my head during meal time is weird.

The only thing that was upsetting during my visit (and this was completely not Madina's fault) was this little boy sitting at the table beside me (around 4-5 years old). He kept on poke and flicking my purse (we were sitting at those against the wall, long bench sofa kinda things). Him playing with my purse wouldn't be that big of a deal if only he didn't lick his figure each time and then dab some sugar on it, then wipe it on my purse....... That is beyond disgusting and ill mannered. When I looked at him he just laughed, and when his mom saw (who seemed to be on a date) she just smiled at him and lightly told him to stop doing that without even apologizing to me. That is what pissed me off. Not only did she not explain to the little boy that it is not only very unhygienic, rude, and just wrong; but just smiling and softly asking him to stop did not stop him at all! Even then I still didn't get an apology. I ended up having to eat with my purse on my lap due to the limited sitting space between tables because a women was sitting on the other side of my already had her purse there > <

I am not parent, and I don't think I understand parenting or kids, BUT what has happened to kids these days? They seem to be becoming more and more outrageous? Does anyone else feel this way?

Medina is at point L in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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