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    Dripping Paint Nail Art

    Did this on my friend's nails.  She is lazy and never paints her own nails even though she has loads of supplies.  She only lets her nail polish and supplies sit and collect dust at home.  So, during lunch, I decided to paint her nails.  Quick and easy again.  Time is the limiting factor.  I would want to do an intricate design on her, but we never have enough time.

    Took a picture the nail polishes I used.  Took at work...with the screen full of work stuff.  So had to cover them with stars~

    Colors used from left to right:

    Essie - 279 St Lucia Lilac
    Essie - 752 Lion Around
    Island Girl - 1172 Hawaiian Surf
    American Apparel - American Denim 56346
    The Face Shop (color unknown)



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