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    My New Purse iPhone Case

    I have been shopping online again!  This time it's an iPhone 4S case.  I have been searching all over Hong Kong for a nice case that doesn't look like what pedestrian A, B or C would be using.  All the cases selling in Hong Kong are boring looking and ugly.  For the pretty ones, they don't have what I want.

    I have specific requirements for a good iPhone case.
    I need it to have:

    • 1 or 2 card slots. 
    • a strap to hang on my wrist...basically, a purse-like case
    • a flap cover
    • there has to be a camera hole on the back, so that I can take a picture without taking out my phone.
    Finally, I have found my ideal case!  I am in love with the color!!!!  Cho got on in red for her S3.  
    It's so pretty~



    1. This is so cute! I wish they had one for note 2 :*(

      1. He hehe they probably do. But just need to search around :p



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