Risty's off from Checklist for Vancouver!

I am into the 2nd half of my stay in Vancouver, yet I realized there are still many things I want to do here!  Had to make a checklist for all the things I want to eat and all the places that I want to visit.  So, today, I checked off one restaurants from the list of "Food to Eat!" on my list.  It's the Risty's Cafe & Sushi Bar that Cho loves so much.

The outside of the restaurant looks pretty run down.  I walked passed it without realizing it's a cafe.  That's how bad the outside look.  However, when you walk in, it's a clean, warm and cozy little cafe. Very inviting and comfortable place.  That are so many different dishes to choose from on the menu.  You can order burgers, pancakes or fries, but I'm there for the sushis!

This is the Risty Roll!  It comes with a side dish of salmon fries.  Yes, those are SALMON FRIES!  Yummy.

Here is the Red Tuna roll with 2 chopped scallop nigiri and 2 ikura nigiri~  All so yummy!  Why can't I find these kind of sushi in Hong Kong?

We totally ordered toooooo much.  We finished all the food anyways because they were just too good!  The bill came to $22.26 Canadian.  I totally can't get the same taste and quality in Hong Kong. Why can't chefs/restaurants in Hong Kong put more effort into their food?

With that lunch done, I can have Risty crossed out from my list~

Risty's Cafe at point J in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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Risty's off from Checklist for Vancouver! Risty's off from Checklist for Vancouver! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, June 22, 2013 Rating: 5

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