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    Shisedo White Lucent Intensive Sport Targeting Serum+ Review

    Like most Asians, I am obsessed with trying be fair and pale. 
    A while back I was given 6 sample packets from a Shiseido Beauty Advisor since she was trying to sell me the product and saying that I will for sure be a return customer after I finished the samples and she was correct. 

    I used the 6 packets for roughly 12 days applying it only at night (half a pack per day) and I did see a different. I can't say that the results were dramatic, but as far as brightening and whitening products goes, any sort of difference is usually a big wow because most of them don't do much in my point of view. 

    As an added bonus, the serum not only made me look more fair, it smoothed out my skin!!!! Every since I have moved back to Hong Kong my skin is always acting up and I get lots of rough patches, but this fixed it.
    So with 2 great features alone I just had to go back to buy the bottle and I still love this product!!!!! 



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