Day 1 Seoul Korea

Incheon Internation Airport --> Hotel J Hill --> Dinner in Myeongdong --> Hair Salon --> Dongdaemun --> Hotel J Hill

It's around 6:30 and we arrived at Incheon Airport.  I booked my Pocket Wifi online and it is ready to be picked up at the airport!  I am obsessed about staying connected to the point of being sick.  I just feel so insecure to not be connected.  What if I get lost and I don't know where I am?  I'll need to google map myself to my destination.  Too bad Google map isn't fully functional with Korea map.  Read online that Korea promotes their Naver map, so they restrict Google map in many aspect.  Not that I don't want to support the Naver map, but it's all in Korean!!!  So, I am stuck with the half functional Google map here.  Anyways, I find that Pocket Wifi Korea seem to be the cheapest option.  I don't know if it's because it's cheap or not, but the service is very mediocre.  I lose connection if I am underground or sometimes even when I am above ground.  The pocket wifi's battery last about 8 hours.  So, I had to bring my external charger when I am out.

After I got my pocket wifi, I went to take bus 6015.  It costs 10,000 won and one of their stops is at Ibis Hotel.  That's pretty close to my hotel.  It was about a 3 minute walk.

We stayed at Hotel J Hill which is located in one of the busiest places in Seoul, Myeondong.  I love Myeongdong!  Everything is at the tip of your finger.  Just walk down and you will be surrounded by shops!  Skincare, makeup and clothes!  Lots of food places too!

As I had to do some random stuff at the airport, I arrived at the hotel pretty late and I didn't want to let my day go to waste!  We had a quick Korean BBQ dinner at 강호동678 and then headed to Dongdaemun where we can do some after midnight shopping!

The BBQ meat was absolutely delicious!  We ordered beef short ribs and pork belly.

This is the restaurant we went.  Don't know the name in English~

We walked to the Myeondong Station which is on Line 4 and took the subway to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park.  Take exit #14!

We realized the new building DDP is at this station.  We took some pictures.  One of my friends raved about this place even before we started planning for our Korea trip.  It's a building designed by Zaha Hadid.  I am not sure what this place is about.  I am not much into design and architect, but the building does look pretty cool.

We first went to Maxstyle.  It's the building next to DDP on the right side in the above picture.  You can't see much of it. There are some pretty nice stuff there.  However, half the shops inside were closed.  The price is OK.  Not too cheap, not too expensive.  After leaving this mall, my friends were already dead tired.  Afterall, I was the one who insisted on coming out so late.  All they wanted to do for the night was watch TV at the hotel and sleep.

This is a picture of the inside of Maxtyle~

We then headed across the street to Doota where everything was very expensive.  So, we didn't get anything there.

Next to Doota is Migliore.  This place is cheaper and is loaded with shops that are actually opened, unlike Maxstyle.  However, we were all tired so we didn't stay long.

I got a few tops from Maxstyle and Migliore.  I felt like I should buy some more, but then they seem to be all selling most of the same stuff.

We then taxi back to our hotel.  It's late at night when the subway has stopped.  So, the taxi drivers rarely charger by the meter.  Instead, we need to bargain with them.  We found this taxi and the guy said 20,000 won.  We then bargained for 18,000.  I hope we weren't too ripped off.

Hotel J Hill at point A
강호동678 at point B
Dongdaemun shopping at point C

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  1. Hi,

    i chanced upon your blog about the pocket wifi and am looking to book that. Can you share with me the experience of using this? Also did you get the deposit refund? thanks!

    1. To get the pocket wifi I would strongly recommend pre-booking it online because many carriers don't charge for online booking.
      That way you can save the long line up and disappointment of it all being sold out.

      And yes your deposit will be refunded once you return the pocket wifi when you leave .

      As for which carriers to use, I really feel that all of them are quite the same since most carriers were quite well in the city, so I just go for whoever has a deal.

      Hope this helps,


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