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    Red White Gold Winter Holiday Checkered Sparkling Bling False Nails

    I always feel that designs like these can only be achieved with falsies unless you may have the time, patients, and luxury to sit still for 4 hours. But even then it is hard to achieve doing the right hand. This is why these false nails are perfect.

    I do love to paint all my friends nails, but that is quite impossible since I can't meet everyone all the time. Then there is also the geographical constants **crys** so this is the solution I have come up with. Painting on false nails. It is almost a win win situation? Maybe? Chi and I are trying to test this out to see how well it will work. If you like this set of falsies or would like to support us please visit our etsy page.

    We are really just starting out with this whole false nails idea so if you have any suggestions please let us know. We would greatly appreciate it. Also since this is all new we do not have many designs, but if you have see any of our past designs that we have done on our own nails or any other design and would like the custom request a set of falsies lets us know and we would be more than happy to do a custom order. 

    by Cho


    1. Wow, good job, you made a set of fantastic nail design, love everything about it!


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