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    Adonis @ Montreal

    I don't know about you, but I love visiting local supermarkets when I travel to see what local products they sell and also to see what I can bring home with me to savory a little bit of the taste of y travels. 

    I told my friend who I was staying with in Montreal about this and she brought me to the most amazing supermarket, Adonis. It is a Lebanese supermarket, but they sold everything. It was huge and had everything in it. They have an in-house pita bread baking factory line in the back with glass walls so you can see how it is being made. Being Asian I have never tried fresh pita bread before. I have always just has the store bought ones that were very thin and seem to rip 50% of the time when I try to open it up. Being in this place showed me what real pita bread is suppose to feel and taste like and I don't know I can ever look at pita bread the same way again! The pita bread here is so soft and fluffy and moist. It was heavenly. 


    1. OMG, does deserts look fantastic, all of them. Great pictures!


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