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    Andy Warhol Banana Nail Art

    Andy Warhol Banana Nail Art

    Who likes bananas? I actually hate the banana fruit.  My niece loves it though, which is great to have her around.  She basically eats everything I don't like.  So, I can just stuff her plate with everything I don't want to eat.  Anyways, I got these really cute banana water decal.  They remind me of the banana by Andy Warhol.

    These decal are very opaque, so you don't need to worry about the wearing them on dark polishes.

    Andy Warhol Banana Nail Art

    You can get these here:

    Loving this! So cute!

    Andy Warhol Banana Nail Art

    Here is a quick video showing how to use water decal if you don't already know:



    1. This is so cute ^.^
      btw I love banana hahaha

      1. thanks! why does everyone loves banana? I think i am the only weirdo that doesn't like it....


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