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    6 Days 5 Nights in Seoul Korea Oct/Nov 2014

    Yes, I went to Seoul AGAIN!  I love going to Korea. I don't know if it's because I watch too much Korean drama or not, but I do know that I definitely love Korean BBQ and other Korean dishes!

    I love shopping there!  They have cute and inexpensive makeup, clothes that actually fit an adult and scenery that's absolutely beautiful.

    There was so much to do and so many places to go.  Although I spent 6 days there, I still couldn't visit all the places that I planned to go.  Here is a little itinerary of the things I did in Seoul this time~

    Arriving at our temporary home in Hongdae
    After midnight shopping at Dongdaemun!

    Visiting Amsa Composite Market
    Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site (암사동 선사주거지)
    Toys Destrict Dongdaemun
    Halloween in Hongdae
    Guilty late night dinner at Onion Chicken in Hongdae
    Milkcow Honey Chip soft serve in Hongdae

    Seoul Zoo in Seoul Grand Park
    Shopping at Edae
    More Milkcow soft serve in Hongdae
    Shopping in Hongdae
    Late night BBQ in Hongdae ^___^

    BBQ in Myeongdong
    Myeongdong Cathedral
    Red Sun Hot Pot in Myeongdong
    Horror Kingdom Seoul
    More shopping in Myeongdong
    Grocery shopping at Lotte Mart in Seoul Station
    Trying out burgers at Lotteria in Seoul Station
    More BBQ in Sinchon ^____^ (totally fattening)

    Unknown Korean language only BBQ in Yangjae
    Exploring Yangjae
    Toto’s Nostalgia Museum
    Exploring Isadong
    More Korean BBQ in Jonggak (I can't stop having BBQ)

    BBQ Buffet in Hongdae for breakfast! (That's just crazy)
    Visiting Changdeokgung
    Spending our tax refund on Korean food at the airport~



    1. I'd love to go to Korea too, my hubby said I might be watch too much K-drama. The place you stay look nice. Is it expensive? How much is it?

      1. gogogo!!!! I want to go again already. I think I watch too much K-drama. The place i stayed at was about $50 USD a night! Great deal. It's in Hongdae where the party/shopping area is. I booked throught airbnb. The hosts are really friendly. Here is the link to the place I stayed at: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3917218


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