Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발) (Pork Knuckle) - Hongdae, Seoul

I used to hate eating fatty pork feet with the exception for the crunchy German pork knuckle.  Here in Hongdae, Seoul, I came across this pork feet place call Myth Jokbal that seems to be famous for it.  Actually, this place basically only serve one thing.  Pork feet.  But of course, they have a little bit of side dishes to go with the feet as well.  This place has a long history and is said to do their pork the traditional way.  I am not Korean, I don't know what's traditional or not.  I just know that I love what I ate at this place!  

There are 2 types of pork feet on the menu, which in my opinion, the both are the same.  One dish just has extra garlic on top while the other doesn't.  I saw some people on the other take have their garlic on the side.  That way, they can taste the original flavor and you want spice it up, just eat it with the load of garlic on the side.

It may look fat and oily, but it's not!  It's so soft and tender and juicy.  I love it!  Why can't the Chinese do their pork this way?  Actually, the Taiwanese do, in my opinion, but the Cantonese ones I had are just kind of gross.  Whatever the pork was marinated it, it soaked through the pork, making every slice equally delicious.

The pork feet comes with salad too.  I love the mustard vinegar dressing they have on it.  So fresh and light!  The salad itself is so good that it can be another meal.

It also comes with a hotpot for you to cook the noodle.  We were quite clueless as to what to do with the pot and the plate of veggies and noodle.  The waiter was so kind to help out.  Basically, just turn on the stove, wait for it to boil and dump everything into the pot.  Wait a few minutes and the noodle is ready to eat!

Myth Jakbal at point E in "Places Part 2".

I wish I can go and have this again!  When?  When will I be visiting Seoul again?

Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발) (Pork Knuckle) - Hongdae, Seoul Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발) (Pork Knuckle) - Hongdae, Seoul Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. Ahhh it looks so good! Hope I'll get to eat this too one day >///<

    1. visit seoul! lots of goodies to get there.


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