Birak Berry Farm - Richmond in Vancouver, Canada

What's there to do in the summer in Vancouver?  Berries picking, of course.  My friends who live in Vancouver always say Vancouver is boring and there is nothing to do.  However, I think it's just that they are too used to the things around them that they take it for granted.  For me, I find Vancouver a pretty amazing place.  Sure, it's not loud and busy like Hong Kong and that's why I like Vancouver.  There are always something relaxing to do in Vancouver.  This time I found Birak Berry Farm online.  Birak Berry Farm has a few farm scattered around in Richmond.  I came to this one at 11411 Granville Ave in Richmond.  Had to call them to make sure if U pick is open for public and to see which farm is open.

It was a super beautiful day.  Super hot and sunny!  And we were the only one there.  So, I didn't have to fight with others for the biggest blueberry.  But then, it was a weekday, most people were probably working.

Lots of berries!

Me and my friend ended up picking about 3.5 lbs of blueberries.  Not that much as I can't possible finish eating them if I had gotten any more.  As for my friend, most of the berries she picked went straight to her tummy.  So, it was like a free all you can eat buffet to her.  For the ones that you did not eat while picking, they were CAD$2 a pound.  They were selling ready picked boxes of blueberries too.  They were 10 pounds a box.  I just find it more fun to pick them myself.

Address: 11411 Granville Ave, Richmond

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