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    Sushi Hoon - Marpole in Vancouver, Canada

    Cho said this sushi place suck.  I came to try anyway.  I am really starting to think I have low standard for food.  I think this place is OK.  But then, I can tell this place isn't amazing.  It's just OK.  I ordered a toro sashimi.  The quality feel pretty much like something I would get at Sushi King.  So, I might rather go to Sushi King instead of Sushi Hoon, since I would get a bigger portion in Sushi King.

    My friend got the dinner bento box.  It's so big!  Lots of food.  It also comes with a miso soup, ebi sunomono and 4 huge piece of sashimi.  A pretty good deal for something around CAD$20.

    As for me, I ordered a House Roll.  Lots of sauce, a little spicy.  The top is imitation crab meat.  The bottom is a sushi roll with green onion, cucumber and salmon all deep fried.  Interesting.  It taste pretty good.  But then I find all special rolls in all sushi restaurants taste the same.

    Address: 7974 Granville Street, Vancouver
    Sushi Hoon is at point G in the list "Places Part 2" on the map.


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