Pho Queen - Richmond in Vancouver, Canada

Pho time again!  This time I went to Pho Queen.  It was pretty late and I haven't ate.  Found that this place opens until 11pm.  So, there I was and ordered my favorite noodle!  It was almost 10pm and there were still quite a few people there.

I ordered a small raw beef with cooked beef flank noodle.  However, they gave me the wrong order.  Instead of flank, I got tendon.  Oh well, I didn't want to complain.  I am always scared to complain in a restaurant as I feel they will just spit in my food.  It was still good!  I dumped in the bean sprout and whatever herb that was with the bean sprout.  Love it!

People online complained the portion was small.  I ordered a small and I found it quite big for me.  

I love this thin chewy noodle.  I don't like the soft Chinese version.

Then I got an order of spring roll.  Yummy!  Light and crispy.

I also saw people complain about the cleanliness of the place.  I think they reuse the paper cover for the chopsticks.  They should just put the chopsticks in the container without the cover.  Kind of disgusting to be reusing the paper chopstick covers.  The lady was really nice and kept telling me she loves my dress.  I love a compliment any time!

Address: Union Square, 1318-8368 Capstan Way, Richmond
Pho Queen is at point S in the list "Places Part 2" on the map.


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