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    Cheerleader Bunnies for Easter Nail Art

    It seems Easter is coming a bit earlier this year.  And there is a super long holiday.  A good time to travel some where far, but then plane tickets would be double the normal price.  I tried to use my Asia Mile points to redeem tickets to Japan, but of course the seats for Easter holiday are all full!  So sad...

    To compensate for that, here is a manicure to pull me through the holiday.

    Polishes from left to right:
    ONL - DD Pop Nails #11
    ONL - DD Pop Nails #09
    Orly Lemonade
    ONL - DD Pop Nails #02
    ONL - DD Pop Nails #13

    This is after 2 coats of each of the polishes.

    Then with a dotting tool, add some cute little dots all over my nails.

    When everything is dried, I applied quick dry top coat.  Wait for that top coat to dry, then took out some little stickers and applied them on my nails!  Then another layer of quick dry top coat to sandwich in the stickers.



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