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    Using my Clear Jelly Stamper to Double Stamp my Sponge Bob Image Plate QA2

    I have been waiting for someone to come up with this products for months/years now.  Finally, there is a clear jelly stamper that allows me to aim and stamp precisely!  I got mine from a Chinese online shop.  It was a good deal~  You can find this product in lots of online shops now, and at a great price too.

    So, mine comes in a box like this.  It also came with 2 plastic scrapers.  Quite nicely packaged.  

    It's very squishy, making it very easy to stamp.  I don't like stiff stampers. I find it hard to pick up the image or the get the image on my nails if it's stiff.

    See how I can totally see through it? 

    This Sponge Bob image plate QA2 is probably the only plate I use over 3 times.  This plate requires me to double stamp/over lay 2 images together in order to get a complete face of Sponge Bob.  With this clear stamper, I can now aim precisely!

    So, first, I stamp on the white part.

    Then I stamp the outline.  Then with a dotting tool, I add some blue for the eyes.  Wait for this to dry.

    See how I can see right through the stamp?  I just aim this to my nail to align it to the white part.

    I can't say it's perfect, but it's probably 90% perfect.  I am loving this stamper!  For those that haven't got this stamper, you must get it now.  You can't fully enjoy nail stamping if you don't own a clear stamper.



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