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    Pink Glitter Overload Nails 2 Ways

    So it was lunch time and I walked past etude house  walked in for a stroll, then bam I was hit with a impluse buy that I know I did not need but couldn't help myself. I came out with their new #349 nail glitter. It reminded me of Sailormoon with the moond and stars glitter with pink jelly. 

    I was excited to try this polish out along with my Born pretty Sailormoon image plate #06. But as you can see it didn't turn out so well. The problem I had was with my white polish, I forgot to use my white Konad polish and this is what happened. The white was too translucent and couldn't show, So In frustration I switched to a completely different design on my right hand. 

    Polishes used: Forever 21 Rose/Gold, Lieole #30, Etude House Nail Play #349, A'pieu Twinkle Nail Touch #RD01, Kiss Nail Art #SP02 White

    BornPretty Nail Image Plate #06

     The simple design I did for my right hand. Now you may think that doing straight stripes on your right hand is not and easy task, but lo and behold there is a cheap way to do this now with the crystal stamper. All you need to do is sdraw stripped lines onto your stamper let it dry a bit and stamp away. 

    By Cho


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