Summer Fun Stamping Qgirl-020 Image Plate Nails

These were a lot of fun to do, and I really love the water color sponging technique with jelly polishes. It really would be something I would like to do more often. All the designs that I want to do with my nails...... 

I started of with a pale off white base color, OPI Infinite Shine 2  Esmalte / Nagellack. It was as brand new bottle and I didn't shake it well enough before painting hence the streaky-ness. It didn't matter though because I was going to sponge color on top of it so it won't be that noticeable anyways. 

To sponge I basically just took my jelly polish and painted it directly on my makeup sponge and slowly dabbed it on. TIP: make sure you don't put too much polish onto your sponge otherwise you will loose the gradient effect. If there isn't enough color you can always just go back and sponge on another layer. 

This is the what it looked like after sponging. Don't worry about the colors overlapping, that is the whole point to make it blend in well. My Jelly polishes also had some glitter bits, and I felt that just gave it extra depth so I left it. 

Now the image plate. I was worried the image wouldn't show because I do have a light base color and I am stamping with white polish so filled in the cupcake dish with white polish using my dotting tool and it all worked out. Once I stamped the cupcake on my nails I added a cherry on top too. I did the same thing with all there other nails alternating between red and white. 

Colors used: PA #AA120, Dior Addict #670, Forever 21 Jaune Yellow, OPI Infinite Shine 2  #2 Esmalte / Nagellack

By Cho
Summer Fun Stamping Qgirl-020 Image Plate Nails Summer Fun Stamping Qgirl-020 Image Plate Nails Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, May 30, 2016 Rating: 5

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