Day 5: Itaewon - Seoul, South Korea

We have been to Seoul numerous times, but we have never set foot in Itaewon.  We have read a lot about the area and the description online reminds me of Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong.  We felt that we want to experience Korean things in South Korea, so it didn't make sense if we went to Itaewon in our previous trips to Seoul.  We have been curious and really want to see for ourselves what Itaewon is like.  So, we headed there on our last night in Seoul for dinner.

First things we wanted to visit is the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art.  However, it was pretty late when we arrived in the area.  Nonetheless, we still walked up the hill to the museum to see if we have any luck.  Of course, by the time we arrived at the entrance of the museum, it's closed.  It's ok, we expected it.  So, we just took a few pictures outside and walked to the busy part of Itaewon which is about 10 minutes away by foot.

Cho was starting to get hungry.  We had trouble deciding what to eat.  The area reminds me of Downtown in Vancouver.  It was like walking down Denman Street toward the beach.  

There were lots of restaurants serving foreign food.  We had trouble deciding what to eat as we feel like we should eat Korean food when we are in Korea, but we couldn't find Korean restaurants.

There was a big building with a few floors dedicated to Line Friends. There's even a cafe in it.  If I were a Line Friends fan, I would definitely be eating there.

There were lots of bars and lots of non Asians people.  We can just speak English in shops and people would understand us.  Felt so at ease not needing to think of a way to express what we wanted to say with body language.

There are parts of the area that doesn't look as well maintained.  Similar to China town in western countries.    However, I still felt much safer walking around in Itaewon than I would in Chinatown in Vancouver.

There are loads of shops selling oversize clothing and shoes, which is understandable.  Foreigners usually have a bigger build than Asians.  For the first time in South Korea, I saw shoes that actually fits me.  I didn't get any though.  The styles of clothing and shoes are quite different than what you would find in Hongdae.  Feel like those clothes are what black rappers would wear....don't want to put color reference to it, but I don't know how to explain without referencing.

Unlike in Myeongdong or in Hongdae, there aren't many people buying in cosmetic stores.  They have the same Korea brands such as Club Clio there, but no one was shopping inside.  Maybe because of that reason, many things were on sale or 1+1.  We got some really cute lip tints with ridiculously discounted price.

Leeum Museum: Hangangjin Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1.
Itaewon: Itaewon Station, Exit 1 or 2

Itaewon is at point O in Places Part 3 on the map below:


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