How to Make Your Own Stamping Polish with Eyeshadow / Blush

Want to get some good stamping polish with material we already have.  We are so broke from buying useless things.  We also want to clean out our rooms.  So, we decided to make our own stamping polishes instead of buying new ones.  

We have tried stamping with regular nail polish but it never gets the job done.  The result is always an image that is semi transparent making it hard to see when stamped on anything that's not white.  Sometimes, even when stamped on white, you can still even the uneven color of the image.

We googled online on how to DIY stamping polish and it says to add pigment powder from craft stores.  However, if we went out to buy pigment powder, it would totally defeat the purpose of saving money and clearing out our rooms.  So, we tried using our old eyeshadow and blush.

We tested it out by using one of my many many red polishes.  Here, we are using a tiny Quo red polish.  Then we found this super old blush from Nars in color Exhibit A.  As you can tel, the blush is so old that the container is already oxidized.  I love that blush, but I won't put such old blush on my face.  However, it does feels like a waste when I throw out the blush.

First I just scraped out some blush and placed it on a small piece of paper which I have already fold in half before.  This is to easily concentrate the powder in the middle and pour into the bottle.

See, now it's easy to pour it in.

You can add in a little at a time.  Shake well after adding the powder.  Test out the consistency until you find the opacity desired.

Now it's perfect!

Now the moment of truth!  Swatching the DIY stamping polish!  The polish picks up perfectly!

I stamped it half on yellow and half on gold.  I can still see a little bit of the background color, but I think it's good enough.  If you want it more opaque, just add more powder.  But remember, the more powder you add, the thicker the polish is.  Have fun making your DIY polishes!


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