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Eating out again.  Lately, we can't stop using Eatigo.  Love the idea of eating with discount.  It's so easy and fast.  We were in the New Territories and there really is only 1 restaurant working with Eatigo (at least there was only 1 at the time I am searching).  Seeing Iberico has an outlet in the Soho area in Central, they can't be all that bad in Yuen Long as well.  So, time for some Spanish food.  We booked our table for 6:30pm with 40% discount~  Woohoo~

Yoho Mall in Yuen Long is big and pretty.  The interior and layout kind of reminds me of Elements.  However, the directory/signs in Yoho are absolutely horrible.  We couldn't locate the restaurant even after we called the place a couple times.  Their instruction for us was "Go straight and go down".  Come on! The waitress on the phone with us didn't even know where I was in the mall or where I was facing...totally pissed us off while speaking with the Iberico waitress on the phone.  The electronic directory/map in the mall sucks quite badly as well.  Totally couldn't tell where we should go.  There aren't that many mall staffs standing around.  Took us a while to locate someone that works in the mall to guide us to the restaurant and it certainly wasn't use "Go straight and go down".

We arrived pretty on time and there really aren't many people eating at Iberico while many other restaurants in the mall are starting to line up.

They have a semi buffet dinner and that's the buffet bar.  Our Eatigo discount only apply on main menu, any other promotion and semi buffet not included.  The semi buffet would beat the purpose of us booking with Eatigo.  So, we gave up on that.

Since there are only a few other tables of customers, it's quiet and spacious.  Don't know how this restaurant can survive...

We ordered a few tapas.  Chicken lollipop.  A little dry, but still yummy.  At least Cho liked it.

Then a lamb shoulder something something.  A little too tough.  Cho say the lamb flavor is too strong, I find it OK.

Then Honey Glazed Pork Shank.  Again, a little too dry, so it's quite tough.  Is it supposed to be that way?  By the time we finished the 3 tapas, I was already full.

Fortunately, the main course wasn't that big.  It's 1/4 of a rotisserie chicken and 6 oz steak.  I don't know which cut is the beef but it sure was juicy.  It has a very strong beef smell, which Cho likes.  I think it's a little bit too strong for me.  Although the menu say 6 oz, Cho doubted it.  She says she has been weighing out her meat each day since her strict protein diet and that steak there looks more like a 4 oz.  Well, we didn't have a scale, so I don't know.  

The total came to a little over HK$300.  However, I think we ordered too much.  We could have done with just the 3 tapas~  So, it's quite a good deal eating with Eatigo.  I can see why no one eats at this restaurant though.  If there is no discount, the price is way too high for the Yuen Long district.  It's not Central after all.

Shop G002, G/F, YOHO Mall I, 9 Yuen Lung Street, Yuen Long

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