Room Service at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam

On the first we arrived at the Angsana Lang Co resort, breakfast buffet was not included.  So, we did what we love using, which is ordering room service.  We don't usually do this when we travel to the cities area, like Japan or South Korea.  However, we were at a resort.  We are supposed to be lazy and eat in our beds.   So, we took out the menu in our room and just order the Vietnamese breakfast set.  We should it would be enough for the two of us, so we also order a Indonesian fried rice.  Basically, there are many different ethnic food in their menu.  We just chose to mainly stick with Vietnamese as we were in Vietnam after all.  So, the above is the Vietnamese set and below is the Indonesian fried rice.  Their portion is huge!

The fried rice was delicious.  Too big for me though, but it was good.

In the Vietnamese breakfast set, there is a beef pho.  It's OK good.  The noodle isn't as smooth as I expected.  The beef was a little tough.  Portion wise, it wasn't very big at all.  I guess it's because the set came with other things.

Then there is the Vietnamese omelette kind of thing.  Also good.

The set also came with fruits and coffee.  The coffee was super strong.  It burned!  I wonder if they added hard liquor to it.  I was unable to drink.  Tried several times by taking sips, but just couldn't finish the cup.  There were also a couple buns in the basket.  Pork and vegetable buns.

We had no table in the garden view room.  And the table on the balcony was all wet from the rain.  So, we just ate on our bed.  

We later realized the room service breakfast is probably the best value for the price.  Mainly because food in their restaurant is ridiculously small.  The worse part is that, the food in their restaurant wasn't that good.  Even though this breakfast set came from the same kitchen, at least the portion and price make more sense.  

Angsana Lang Co is at point 1 on the map below:

Room Service at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Room Service at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Saturday, March 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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