Spa at Angsana Lang Co - Danang, Vietnam

Main purpose of this trip is massage and spa.  So, of course we chose to stay at a resort when we decided to go to Vietnam.  Saw some nice pictures of the spa at Angsana Lang Co, aside from their other amazing pictures of the resort, and it made us act on impulse and book on without researching any further.  Turns out the spa is pretty pricey.  But hey, they are part of the Banyan Tree group, prices are expected to be high.

At the spa, they sell their own oil and lotion products as well.  They smell just like the ones in Angsana Velavaru in Maldive.

The staffs are very nice. We booked the day before over the phone at which they briefly introduce the different types of massage they have.  When we arrived, they explained in a little more detail to us.  They have facials and scrubs and various types of massage.  We chose the Vietnamese massage that was medium to strong.  It was a 90 minutes full body massage that cost about $125USD.  Luckily, my insurance covers it for personal wellness.

They asked us to fill out an information form to make sure we are fit to receive the treatment.  We also get choose the type of oil and scent used.  Each type of massage comes with their suggested scent and oil.  However, they one I chose came with lavender which I actually hate the smell of.  For many people, lavender helps them relax, but that smell totally gives me a headache.  So, the staffs were very patient and explained to me what other types of oil they have and what they would suggest and gave me samples to smell.

They later brought us to really nicely decorate room, which also had a shower and changing room.  Spacious and clean.

Since we have to go totally naked, they have robes for us to change into and a save to put our valuables in.

The massage was amazing.  I think Vietnamese massages are much softer than Thai's.  There were times when I asked the masseur to go harder.

After the massage, we have some time to relax, have some fruits and eat, while our masseurs waited outside until we were ready.  We kind of felt bad to have them wait too long.  

My hair was actually all down when I went in for the massage, but the masseur was very attentive with skillful hands and helped me braid my hair while I was sleeping.  Love her for that.  She did a really good job.  All the parts where my body was aching, mainly my neck and shoulder, were totally relaxed.  In additional, she massaged my neck, jaw and head overall.  My face fucking slimmed down!!!!  That's when I realize the US$125 totally worth it.  It felt like a lot of the waste and water in my body was pushed out of my system or was on the way out.

Angsana Lang Co is at point 1 on the map below:

Spa at Angsana Lang Co - Danang, Vietnam Spa at Angsana Lang Co - Danang, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Thursday, March 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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