Sports at Laguna Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam

Before we booked Angsana Lang Co, we were worried that it would be too far away from the city and that there would be nothing to do.  Later, we found that there are actually lot of activities that we can do on site.  Some are complementary too.  However, for some of them, you just wouldn't want to do it when it's their rain season between Nov and Feb, which was exactly when we went.  However, I can see that it can be fun in the summer.  They have beach volleyball that you can probably play for free.

Next to Angsana Lang Co, it's Laguna Lang Co, which is basically their sports center.

There is archery that is complementary for the first round.  They say they have an instructor there for you if you don't know how to play the sports.  However, from my experience with various activities on site, the staffs just stand there and look at you and just say, "Do it.".  They won't bother teaching you unless you ask for help nonstop.  Perhaps it was a raining day and everyone was just a little chill.  To be honest, most of the staffs at the resort are very chill, especially those that are responsible for activities.  They are nice though.  They will teach and assist you if you insist on getting help.

There is a little rope course that we couldn't even get through the first part....

The bungee jumping trampoline thing is also complementary, but for kids only.

There is also quad biking on the beach.  Seems fun but it was raining and we didn't want to go.

The Laguna Lang Co (sports center) is right next to Angsana.  We took the buggy there, but turns out it is just a 5 minute walk and is directly connect to the resort....It's a nice walk back.

Laguna Lang Co is at point 13 on the map below:

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