About Us

We are 2 sisters who love painting our nails and other fun things in life :)
We are not professionals and are not working in the beauty industry. 

For companies/shops that would like us to do a review, you can reach us at thechichicho@gmail.com

Do you have a friend or a sister that likes to compete with you?  I do and she is Cho
Whenever I wear high heels, my sister would want to wear a pair of shoes higher than mine.
Whenever I do my makeup, my sister would have to do it better than I do.
When I glitter myself, Cho would would put LEDs on her...well, almost to the point of putting LEDs....hahaha
So, after I started painting my nails, Cho started painting hers as well and tried to do an even more complicated design than mine.  That's how we have all these nail art designs to compete with each other.

Basically this is just a blog about random things in our lives and to keep track of each other while we are away.  We love to eat, travel and paint our nails.  These are the things that help us stay sane and forget about the ridiculous people/things we meet in life and/or work.  


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  2. Great blog!! SO happy that I found it (:
    Following now here and on Twitter!

  3. Replies
    1. Cool! I'm also half HK :P Mom's from there heh

    2. Cool! I find that people in Hong Kong don't like doing their own nails at all. They like doing acrylic or gel nails in salon....making me feel so weird when people find out I do my own nails.

    3. Is that right? I didn't know about that :P I find doing your own nails is even cooler :D Cause people will be like, where'd you get your nails done? Then we can all say, I did them myself! So much pride! HEHE