NY: nail polish haul

My guilty confession. This is my nail polish haul from NY.
NY is a place where I love to get nail polishes, because I can always find a good sale for 3 free polishes!!!!!!
The below polishes are all 3 free, this makes me feel a bit better about covering my nails with polishes for months at a time. I do also find that it does make a difference towards the health of my nails.

If you have been following my blog you will know my love for AA polishes! I just love them!!!!!!! They are so smooth and opaque, just perfect.
They are a little over my budget though :(
So when I saw that there was a AA warehouse clearance a couple streets away from my hotel I just couldn't help myself. They were all $3USD, great deal!

I have personally never tried ME: Matte see lite polishes before, but they were on sale for 99 cents and also 3 three, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try :)
I bought it from Ricky's NYC, such a fun cosmetic store.

By cho
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  1. wow.. nice haul nd AA for 3USD.. gr8 buy :)

    1. I actually saw it later in seattle for only 1USD each > <
      I felt like i got ripped off > <

  2. Hey nice haul!! never mind about what u saw in seattle!! Jus enjoi the polish!!! and think about us poor souls who pay $10 for any damn US brand! :)

    1. True true, I am enjoying them very much~ All the ones I have gotten has proven to be worth the money, since I didn't get it for much.
      Where are you from? Why does things cost so much for you?

  3. i only have 10 fingers.....
    we'll never be able to finish using these polishes....hahaha....
    as much as i am against wasting money, i really like these colors.

  4. also....dun we already have some of the aa polishes in that pic?


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