NY: After a hard day work

Back in the big apple.
It was a very good trip this time around. Got lots of shopping time and relax time. I don’t do too well with tight schedules….. but who does?

What wasn’t so great about this trip is that my hotel had construction and either I was allergic to something they were using or the fact that all the carpets were lifted mites came and bit me or something….. I started getting these itch red bumps all over the side of my face and arm. Very annoying!
I told the hotel and got a discount. They also reimbursed me when I went to the drug store to get some ointments and lotions. So I guess I can’t complain too too much.
Another down side to this trip is that I fell and scarped my knee, very much like Chi, but mine is less serious. Just couldn't bend my knees otherwise the wound would break open again.

(My late night drug store shopping run, I love drugstores)
By Cho

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  1. Sorry about those red bumps, hope you are all right now. That iced coffee looks amazing!

    1. I am all better now, It died down after a week. I have scars though > <

      hehe.... The ice coffee really was good though, kept me working through my work :p


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