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    ME: Lilac Me All Over / Forever 21: Turquoise

    There are tow of the colours I got from my NY Hual.

    Matte Be Elite: 5189 Lilac me all over
    Forever 21: Turquoise

    I really Like how the Turquoise went on a finished. It was smooth and all the spots in between the glitter could be covered with just 2 coats. The sparkles are so bright too, unlike some of the glitter polishes I have gotten in the past that doesn't sparkle.....

    The Lilac on the other hand, it was ok.
    I was not totally impressed with the coverage and finish, but it wasn't bad considering I only paid 99cents US for this with an additional 5% off for signing up to email new letters.
    I could have lived with only putting 2 coats on my left hand, since my right hand is more steady when I paint my nails. But I really needed 3 coats on my right hand.
    I think it is a very nice light purple that I have been looking for.... the pastel purples I have gotten in the past always seem too dark when I get home, but this one I like :)

    By Cho


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