Diet Time!

My oldest sister has a little eating disorder. She isn't super obese. However, her weight is starting to reach the unhealthy point. She can eat 2-3 people's portion each meal. And before she finishes her breakfast, she is already awaiting or her lunch. Sometimes we tease her that she is eating up the next generation's resources.

Anyways, she went to a nutritionist for a meal plan. And now she is trying to follow the meal designed for her. I was quite surprised by the amount of food she can have. Most of her meals are just veggies and salad though. There was a day when she can have turkey and cheese sandwich for all 3 meals a day. I found that toooooo good to be true. It's healthy. It's yummy. It's suppose to help you lose weight?

I have been eating with her, but I didn't lose much weight. I only feel better, since I feel guilty from eating too much meat sometimes. It's nice to have lots of veggies for a change. Very refreshing.

My oldest sister has lost inches on her tummy, while I don't really see any difference on me. It's easier for her to lose weight since she is on the over weight side...


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