PSY + Hyuna Oppa Is Just My Style Nails (Gangnam Style)

Unlike many other Korean Kpop, this song is not just all about the pretty face, long legs and big dolly eyes. Well, Hyuna is hot in the video. I am talking about PSY. Talented guy but just not very good looking.

Anyways, here is a nail designed inspired by their music video. I did this on Cho's hand. She kept on complaining that it's the lighting and my camera that's making her hand all dark and ugly. I admit, I painted this at night, so I don't have the beautiful natural sun light for the photo and also that my camera isn't one of those expensive professional cameras. However, I think she can't blame it all on me. Her hands ARE dark!!!! How can it look milky white when she has so much tan???!!!!!

The thumb is obviously from PSY's suit.
Index finger is from Hyuna's eye make up.
Middle finger is self explanatory.
Ring finger is from Hyuna's silver glittery top.
Pinky finger is from the diamond shape background design behind Hyuna~

I just painted the base as white, with the ringer finger with silver glitters.

Then just stick on the rhinestones and painted the patterns.


PSY + Hyuna Oppa Is Just My Style Nails (Gangnam Style) PSY + Hyuna Oppa Is Just My Style Nails (Gangnam Style) Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Great inspiration, love that each nail has her own look!
    I made for my blog a Facebook page, if you like, you can follow me there too:

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment. Cool design :)


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