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    Kiss Me! Image Plate QA28!

    Have been waiting to stamp my nails again.  From my last purchase on taobao.com I got this QA28 image plates.  It's a plate of kisses and mustache. 

    Again, the packaging isn't amazing or anything close to it.  

    There is this blue plastic film on it that I can easily peel off.

    First I painted the base colors of my nails~

    With the kisses on the sides of the plates, I stamped the kisses on the the lighter fingers.
    I used the Konad double side stamper to do this.  I thought it would be easier if I used the XL stamper.  However, for some reasons, I just can't pick up anything with that stamper for this plate.  So, I had to use the Konad one.  To my surprise, this time the Konad one worked pretty well.
    Then I stamped the kisses on the middle of the plate to the hot pink nails.  This image is quite hard to pick up.  I had to practice a few times and even so, the image wasn't perfect.  I had to use a brush to paint on the missing parts.  I think it's because of the quality of plate.  The plate doesn't seem to be evenly leveled.  So, when I try to scrape off the excess polish, the polish didn't cover the image evenly.

    Then I just clean off the sides and put on top coat~
    These pictures are taken indoor under white light.

    Under sun light~



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