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I don't explore the rest of Canada much in terms of traveling. It could really be because I have not done much research and I don't know what there is to do. From my knowledge most of the Asian population in Canada resides in Toronto and Vancouver so it was a great surprise to find that there was such good sushi in Montreal, a place that I didn't feel had a lot of Asians. 

The sushi is good not just because they have their fancy specialty rolls, but all their ingredients are extremely fresh and high quality. You can tell by eating their red tuna. The color is a deeper red and the texture is almost like eating beef tataki. It is extremely hard to find such good red tuna!!! 

I was having lunch here and what surprised me was how well priced it is too! I think my lunch came to around $15 per person for the quality or food, and I was also super full. However, I was told that their dinner menu is quite expensive. 

Mikasa is at point B in the list "Outside of Vancouver" on the map.

 by Cho 
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  1. I love sushi and these look very delicious! Here in our town there are just two places where you can eat sushi that are very well made.


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