6 Days 5 Nights in Seoul: Day 3

Seoul Zoo in Seoul Grand Park
Shopping at Edae
More Milkcow soft serve in Hongdae
Shopping in Hongdae
Late night BBQ in Hongdae ^___^

We woke up and headed straight to Seoul Zoo at Seoul Grand Park Station exit 2.  It took us about 50 minutes to get here from Hongdae.  Once you are out from exit 2, just walk straight where you will see a wide street with stalls selling food, hats and other things along the sides.  One of the things they sell that I totally don't understand is these silkworm larvae.  I've actually never seen anyone buy it.  The smell is awful.

Walk straight until you hit a huge building and there are 2 ticketing booth.  One is for the ticket package for the zoo and the tram which is like 9000 won.  Another one is a ticketing booth for the elephant train that's 1000 won that will take  you to the zoo.  To save money, we decided to take the elephant train.  The ride was around 2 minutes.  The driver had some sort of road rage and kept on swerving around in high speed.  Just get off at the first stop and you will be at the zoo entrance.

The view while on the elephant train.  I love the Fall colors.

Get off here, then buy your zoo tickets for 3000 won to get in.

The place is HUGE! With a bunch of animals.

The park has lots of trees along the side of the road.  They are all turning yellow and red.  Absolutely beautiful!

We walked around for around 2 or 3 hours.  We only saw a fraction of the place.  However, we were too tired and there were other places we wanted to go to.  So, we decided to leave.

To leave, we decided to walk out instead since the elephant ride was just 2 minutes.  The scenery on our way out was too breathtaking to leave without taking pictures.  So, we ended up using an hour to walk out.

We then headed to Ewha Women's University Station exit 2 to shop.  We got a whole bunch of discount skincare and makeup.

Then back to Hongdae for more shopping and ice cream at Milkcow again.

Cho had her eyes on this cream roll cake.  I feel like I am getting a heart attack just by looking at this fatty cream filled cake.  It's ironic that something so evil tastes like heaven.

It was already around 10 or 11pm and we decided to have BBQ!  Actually I was debating with myself about what to eat.  Fried chicken? Hot pot? or BBQ!  Then I came across New Mapogalmaegi in Hongdae and decided to just eat there.


This is the 5000 won raw beef rice.  Sounds disgusting? It's actually pretty good! At least Cho loved it.

It was a bit late night dinner.  It's time to go home and sleep as we had another long day ahead of us.

Here is a little video of some of the things we did on day 3:

新마포갈매기 New Mapogalmaegi at point d
Seoul Grand Park Station at point e
Ewha Woman's University Station at point K
Milkcow soft serve ice cream at point c

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