6 Days 5 Nights in Seoul: Day 4

BBQ in Myeongdong 돈돼지
Myeongdong Cathedral
Red Sun Hot Pot in Myeongdong
Horror Kingdom Seoul
More shopping in Myeongdong
Grocery shopping at Lotte Mart in Seoul Station
Trying out burgers at Lotteria in Seoul Station
More BBQ in Sinchon 구이미소 ^____^ (totally fattening)

BBQ for breakfast at 돈돼지 in Myeongdong!  We have gone BBQ crazy.  Couldn't stop stuffing ourselves with meat.
We came to Myeongdong for a relaxing shopping day.  I love all the side dishes for eating with my meat!  Why don't they offer that here in Hong Kong?  The staffs at the restaurants were very friendly. We were kind of lost with all the dishes on the sides and didn't know how to eat or cook the meat.  They came to our table to show us how it's done and came to check on us every now and then to make sure everything was OK.  

Look at the juice of yumminess!

Then we stopped by the Myeongdong Cathedral.  It was such a beautiful day!

The inside is so pretty!

Cho couldn't help but stop by Softree for some honey ice cream~ It's another ice cream chain that sells milk soft serve with a block of honey comb on it.  Each cup is around 3800 won if I remembered it correctly.  I swear that she ate at least 38,000 won worth of ice cream during our stay in Seoul....

We shopped around and then stopped for hot pot at Red Sun.  We got the cheesy pot~  This is the portion for 2 people.  I think it was 15000 won.  After you finish eating the stuff inside, they would take your pot and make stir fried rice with all the juice of yumminess.  However, we weren't even able to finish this pot so we didn't get a chance to try the rice.  There's actual no real meat in here and it already tasted so good.  I wonder if I can make this at home.

Then I went to Horror Kingdom, a haunted house.  The ticket was about 12000 won per person.  I don't think it was worth it.  Not very scary.  There were only a few staffs dressed up inside the haunted house to scare you.  The rest is just display and mechanical stuff that moved around to scare you.  It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk through. So, if a BBQ meat meal cost about 10,000 won per person, I totally think a 12,000 ticket for a haunted house that takes 5 minutes to walk through is not worth it.

Cho decided that she needed ANOTHER cup of ice cream.  I don't know how she does it.  Her stomach is a black hole to be able to contain so much food.

We then went shopping some more.  We kept on telling ourselves not to buy, but we always come across some skincare products that seem so good.  When we walk by a makeup/skincare shop, the sales will lure you in by giving you a sample paper mask or other samples.  Once you are inside, you will most likely find something interesting.  You buy it and they give you more samples.  So, you go home and try out the sample, and find it to be amazing and you go back to buy again.  It's a vicious cycle.

Our feet were already killing us after walking all day, but we just couldn't go home so early!  After all, we already paid so much for our plane tickets and stay (actually, not that much, we were able to do it under $400 USD).  Then we stopped by Lotte Mart at Seoul Station.

My feet were too tired and I couldn't walk anymore.  I couldn't think straight and nothing in the store interested me as the pain in my feet were taking up all my attention.  There were no seats in sight.  So, we decided to sit down at the food court area inside Lotte Mart.  We had to order something to sit down~

It's mainly veggies, but it's so tasty.  How do they do it?

We went to the 2nd floor and found this electronic area with table and chairs.  We didn't give it a second thought and sat down to rest.

We always wondered what the Korean fast food tastes like.  So, we went to Lotteria which is a burger chain in Korea.  There's one in Seoul Station.  It seems we eat non stop each day...

So, we ordered a beef and shrimp burger.

It's really just a burger.  Nothing very special.  The beef one is a little sweet.  Not something I like in general.

We then headed to Sinchon to check out the area!  There are lots of interesting game on the street where you can win stuffed animals.

There are a lot of restaurants in Sinchon as well~  So, it's BBQ time AGAIN!  This is 구이미소.  Here is a link to their restaurant. http://www.92miso.co.kr/

We ordered a set which is was 27,500 won.  It comes with a bunch of meat and a pot of soup.

This is the soup.  I think it would taste great if it weren't so spicy.  We couldn't take it.  We only had a spoonful sadly.  There's tofu and some meat slices inside.  I am unsure if it's pork or beef though.

We find that the beef doesn't taste so good.  We order 1 more serving of pork~  I find that pork in Korea tastes way better than the ones I find in Hong Kong.

We love eating!

Here is a little video of some of the things we did:

돈돼지 Korean BBQ at point f
Myeongdong Cathedral at point g
Red Sun Hot Pot at point h
Horror Kingdom Seoul명동호러킹덤 at point i
Lotte Mart Seoul Station at point E
구이미소 Korea BBQ at point j

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