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    Praying for Some Good Fortune - Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong

    This year didn't seem to be quite a good one for me.  So, I headed to Wong Tai Sin Temple to pray for some good fortune!

    It is very close to the Wong Tai Sin Station.  After leaving the station exit, it is just 3 minutes walk away.  

    It's a really pretty looking temple.  There are lots of old ladies selling incense in front of the MTR exit, but don't buy from them, unless you want to support the old grannies's living expense.  You can get incense inside the temple by donation and that's what I did.  

    This is the donation box.

    You can only take 9 incense.

    Then light up your incense here.

    Then you can enter and start praying.  I didn't take any pictures inside the temple as it feels rude to do so.

    There are a bunch of people kneeling on the ground praying with a lot of bamboo stick jar.  They shake it until one bamboo stick comes out.  Remember the number you got and search online to get the fortune of your bamboo stick number.  Or you can go get someone to explain your fortune for you at a price.

    It's about $100 - $200 per bamboo stick fortune telling.

    It's too freaking hot in Hong Kong in the summer.  Luckily, the temple is just 3 minutes walk away the city.  Just head into one of the malls and cool down with a frap at one of the coffee shops.

    Wong Tai Sin Temple is at point T in Places Part 2:



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