Chocolate Milk Making at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam

Visiting Da Nang is the winter.  Weather is just not suitable for outdoor activities.  And sitting in our hotel room all day long would not be much of a vacation.  Staying at Angsana Lang Co, we joined a lot of their indoor activities.  One of them is Vietnamese hot chocolate making session.  It's a complementary activity from the resort.    Since Angsana Lang Co is connected to the Banyan Tree resort next door, the activity was held at Banyan Tree.

So everything was laid out at the bar in Banyan Tree.  We didn't make the hot chocolate ourselves.  The staff did.  But it's just hot chocolate anyways, just mix milk, dark chocolate and cinnamon together.  It's a nice little activity to just chill in the afternoon as we get to lounge around the bar with our hot chocolate.  

Before we came to hot chocolate session, we were out shopping in the city.  So, it was just nice to sit around and rest with hot chocolate.  We were the only one that joined the hot chocolate session.  So, we pretty much took up the entire bar/lounge.

Enjoying the scene with our chocolate.

The entire resort is just really chill.  Things are just very slow there as it was low season.    There were only 4 other people in the lounge with us.  I wonder how they can maintain the resort with at least 3 months of low capacity in the resort.

Banyan Tree Lang Co is at point 11 on the map below:

Chocolate Milk Making at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Chocolate Milk Making at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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  1. Yummy, that chocolate milk looks so tasty. Wonderful place and post!


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