Day2: The worse AYCE restaurant ever! 샤브더드림

This has got to be the worse AYCE places I have been to in South Korea.  First of all, the price is very expensive compared to other places.  We went for lunch.  The price is different for if you want to have AYCE abalone or not.  Without abalone was about 24000 won and to include abalone, then the AYCE lunch was over 30,000.  We went all the way to Yeongdeungpo to reach this restaurant, so we might as well give it a try.  But we really were that hungry, so we didn't go for the more expensive version of adding abalone to the option and we were so glad we didn't. 

Turns out the place doesn't serve much variety of food.  For the items that they serve, the food wasn't fresh.  They don't do refills.  It felt like we were eating scraps and pieces of food.  There were many locals there, and we were totally confused.  Why pay so much to eat nothing?

Really regret going and wasting our money and stomach space.  Will no recommend at all.
샤브더드림 is at point A in Places Part 4 on the map below:


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Day 3: E24 Sky Bookshop Cafe > Canola Flower > 마켓정 정육식당Not Good Beef Supermarket > Eggcellent > Mapo Mandu Dumpling > Fried Chicken > Dongdaemun / No Brand Supermarket
Day 4: Majang Market > Ilkseong Dong > Insadong > Samcheon Dong > Cafe Bora > Shopping in Hongdae > Lamb BBQ
Day 5: Gwangjang Market > Sungshin Woman University > Stir Fried Chicken and Rice
Day2: The worse AYCE restaurant ever! 샤브더드림 Day2: The worse AYCE restaurant ever! 샤브더드림 Reviewed by chichicho on Thursday, July 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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