Cheap Blings, Lace, Beads for Nails~

Getting crystals and beads for decorating your nails is expensive. So, I usually buy in small amount and try not to use them much or just don't use them at all (Totally loses the meaning of buying them in the first place). Don't know if anyone else is like buy something, but you don't want to use it?

Anyways, I have found a solution.


It's the online shopping site for China. They ship to many places as well.

This site is addictive!

It’s so fun to shop online. You don’t need to walk until your legs need to be amputated and you have the products delivered to your door! There’s no hassle of digging through boxes/stashes/mountains of junk. Everything is listed in front of you clearly. The prices are a fraction of what I see in the shops in Hong Kong!

The down point, though, is the site is only in simplified Chinese….giving me a headache while reading through the stuff. I tend to see many things I want, since it’s listed out sooooooooo clearly and then my “shopping cart” would be loaded with stuff. Since, the prices are a lot lower than what I see in Hong Kong, I buy without really thinking. At the end, I would have spent as much as I would allow myself to if I were shopping in Hong Kong. On the bright side, with the same amount of $$$ spent, I get a lot more products if I am shopping on

I got 1440 pieces of 1.7mm glass crystals for $35RMB. I thought it was a great deal…until I saw cheaper prices. But it’s ok, it would have cost me a lot more if I bought them in HK! Though the price is low, the quality is pretty good. They are amazing shiny and blingy! Love them!

Got the acrylic molds for $3RMB each. Fimo bow/cake sticks for $0.1RMB a stick…OMG….

There is 1 fimo stick of pastry (left hand side) and 1 fimo stick of bow, which we sliced into thin layers. After cutting them up, I think there are a 100 little bows and pastry...and it's $0.1RMB...That is how much in US$?

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise...but I dunno where to find what I want.  Saw these molds for $30HKD in Mong Kok once and now it's only $3RMB.

I also got other stuff….too many to list…this site is addictive and I can’t stop spending money there. But of course, I wouldn’t buy anything branded there…I think it’s only good for random stuff like nail stuff and accessories~
Cheap Blings, Lace, Beads for Nails~ Cheap Blings, Lace, Beads for Nails~ Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, December 30, 2011 Rating: 5

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