Have you every tried using Konad stamping kit to cheat on your nail designs?

I have~ I thought it was fun and easy after watching the videos on youtube.

It is quite easy after lots of practices. However, the result is usually dull, flat, and boring if you just leave it like that. I think it’s because you can only use 1 color on a stamp without layering. But then, it’s quick, so can’t ask for much.

After you finish stamping, comes the annoying part.


You need the clean off the clumps of half dried nail polish on the scraper and the plate. You have to do it very very carefully as you are wiping it with nail polish remover. Any wrong move and the effort you have put in your nails are trashed.

Today, I came across this on YouTube. Something similar to Konad without the scraping and cleaning!!!!! And you can put multiple colors on a single stamp!!!!! It's call Easy Nail Art Stamping (ENAS). I wonder if it’s really that easy.

ENAS? ENAS? Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, January 03, 2012 Rating: 5

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