Too Lazy for Mascara~

Something I can't go out without are concealer, eyeliner and false lashes. I used to wear mascara instead, but I really have no time in the morning when I am rushing to work. I fight with myself each day to get off my bed to get ready for work, leaving 15min for me to brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed and do my makeup. Though I already do the very basics for my make up, it still takes about 8-10 min to do it, with mascara taking 2-3 minutes already. If I use mascara, I first need to put on the base, then the volume mascara and then the length mascara....that's why it takes so long. So now, I gave up on mascara and just stick with the falsies~ Takes a longer time to use it at first, but with practices, it's definitely faster than mascara~

My fave type of falsies are the ones with clear band, crisscross fibre and short on the front and long at the  end.   Most preferred brand is the Princess Eyelashes.  Cheap, durable and light.  They come in a box of 10 pairs.  Got them in Taiwan and are only about HK$50 for a box.  Not bad~

These are some natural looking ones.

These are almost the same as the one above, but it's more dense in the middle making your eyes looking bigger.

These are ones that I don't like.  Thick, almost black band, straight plastic hair...very unnatural.  They can't blend with my natural lashes.... These are about HK$3 a pair...though they are cheap, but totally not worth it.
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