Yummy ramen eggs

Anyone also feel like the half boiled egg in the hot steamy boil of ramen is the highlight of the whole bowl? If you also feel this way pls like to give us a like  :)

What you will need:
2 eggs
1 ziploc bag
1 tbs sugar
2 tbs mirin
4 tsp dashi soup base powder (mix with 3  tbs of water)
1 tbs soy sauce
4 tbs suki yaki soup base
1/2 ginger powder

What you will need to do:
Put the eggs in a bowl of cold water with a tablespoon of salt in the fridge over night. (this will make the egg shells easier to peel)

Fill your pot with water just covering your egg 2/3 of the way

Put over medium heat and constantly roll the eggs in the pot until boil.

Once it boils, continue to roll the eggs for 4 mins (3 mins for smaller eggs)

After 4 mins quickly take the eggs out and put into icy water for a few minutes and peel off the shell.

Then make the sauce by mixing all the ingredients together and microwaving for 30 secs to 1 min. Give the sauce a taste to see if it is too sweet or too salty. If it is too salty, add in a bit more mirin and sugar. If it is too sweet add in a bit more dashi powder and suki yaki sauce :)

When the sauce has cooled, put into a ziploc bag and put eggs in. them put it in the fridge and leave over night.

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