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    Seattle space needle tour

    I visited the Seattle Space needle this time I went to Seattle. Believe it or not, with the years I have been in Vancouver and the countless times I have been to Seattle, I have never gone up the Space Needle. It was definitely worth it, although it was very very pricey.
    The view going up the elevator :)

    The view at our seats in the restaurant :)

    We went there for Sunday Brunch, it was great. It was expensive though, $45 per person for a 3 course brunch. But the good thing is that the $45 includes the ride up the elevator since I think it cost $20+ it just go up by itself. The food there was great.

    Sweet Bread to start: Lemon, Banana, and Pumpkin

    Tomato Bisque~

    Seafood Chowder~

    King Salmon! My favorite dish, ppl who know me know that I don't eat cooked fish, the only fish I eat is Sashimi.... but this one was so so so good! I wanted to wolf the whole thing down myself.

    Crab Cake Benedict~ Again just delicious

    SkyCity at the Needle on Urbanspoon


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