Seattle elliott oyster :)

I have heard about the place many years ago. My friends were telling me about their awesome happy hour special with the fresh oyster. But I haven't been able been able to try that yet. However, I have been able to try their normal menu and it is awesome! So awesome that I had to go back the day after :p

Me and my friend ordered a dozen oysters; mirada, miyagi, and pann cove. Miradas were my favorite it was recommended to us by our server. I would normally go for Kushi or kumamoto's, but they are so expensive > <

Jalepeno cream mussels and oyster stew!!!! Super Yummy!!! the Oyster Stew is the BEST soup I have had. It was heavenly!!!!! This is the reason why we had to go back the next day.

Here is a close up of the oyster stew. It actually have real whole baby oysters in it!!! There were 3 in the cup :) :)

1/2 of shrimp crab cheese melt combo with the crab soup! It was great

Fish and chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by cho
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