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    Essie 744 & American Apparel's Mac Arthur Park Swatch

    Wanted to find some colors that would be a good match for together and got these 2 colors from the box of colors we have.  There are a lot of colors that I have never used before and this American Apparel green was one of them. 

    I thought the green would look kind of dirty/weird on me.  However, after applying it on my thumb, I think it looks pretty good. The pinkish skin color of Essie's compliments the green. 

    In terms of the texture/viscosity, I like the American Apparel's a lot better.  Just one coat and the green is already so even and solid.  While it takes 2 coat of Essie for a similar result.

    By Chi.


    1. Replies
      1. I love the colors too!!!! such good application too,
        Thanks thanks


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