Nail Polish Collection

People always say that it is the easiest to take money from the girls. 
As much as I want to defend us girls and say that it's not true, I often spend my money on random little things.  At the end of the day, my money is gone and I don't even remember where I have spent it. Luckily, I am working to support my mindless spending.

Hong Kong is a shopping trap for girls.  Every other corner, there would be a Bonjour or SaSa (both a cosmetic chain store that sell various beauty products).  Almost each time I go out, I just have to enter one and look around even when I have nothing in mind that I want to buy because I am surround with these cosmetic stores.  Buying a bit from here or a bit from there, that's how I ended up with so much nail polishes and nail arts products.  This isn't even half of the polishes we own.  Sometimes when my relatives come to visit me, they would ask if we have a nail salon in the house...

By Chi.
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