- CK-04 Image Plate Review

Today is a review on an image plate I got from

It is a CK-04 image plate. There are 42 designs on the image plate. I love almost every one of them.

However, the images are TINY! My fingernails are pretty small, but not small enough to use this plate as full nail designs.

I was a little disappointed about this, but it's my bad as I didn’t read the specification carefully to get an idea of what the size of images would be like.

You can get the plate at or here for the direct link to the product:

Here is a 5% coupon code is you wish to purchase from them:
The coupon code is valid until Dec 31, 2012
They have free shipping worldwide.

The plate was shipped in a bubble envelope…lots of protection. Then the image plate came in a clear plastic bag.

Just other plates I got online, this one comes with a blue protective plastic film that can be easily taken off.

In my opinion, this plate is quite hard to use. I had a hard time picking up the images. I use Konad’s special polish and many different regular polish and still, it was very hard to pick up.

I thought it was probably the stamper’s problem, so I used both my Konad stamper and XL stamper. The XL stamper couldn’t pick up anything at all. I had to use my Konad stamper.

I had to use a lot of force to push the stamper against the plate in order to pick up the image. I think it’s because the lines were too fine and the images were too small? I suck at stamping even when I have large images. With these tiny images, it’s a challenge for me.

If you are good at stamping, give this plate a try. The images are cute~

Due to the tiny size of each image, I can only use this as a French design.
I stamped the images with American Apparel polishes. They seem to stamp the best with these images.

Cho. - CK-04 Image Plate Review - CK-04 Image Plate Review Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Nice review. Bad that the design are not large enough to cover the hole nail :(

    1. Thx! How many adults/teens can have nail size of a 10 yr old??? I don't understand why they would make images of such tiny sizes.

  2. nive review.. the design is looking nice though..i have read several reviews saying the same abt these image plates...sad :(


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