Donut Nails!!!! With Canmake Nail Topping Coat!

After making the little donut sweets, I have a craving for real donuts.  Unfortunately, there are no good donuts here where I live!!!!  Can you believe it?  They don't have something so simple around here! Life with out decent donuts!  That suck!  My mind is filled with donuts! I want donuts!

Anyways, because of my donut filled mind, I am doing donuts on my nails.  I got a couple of Nail Toppings Coat from Canmake recently.  These will be perfect for this nail art.


Nail Toppings Coat is a top coat with candy-like bits mixed it in.  It's similar to the sprinkle and bread crumbs you find on desserts and other sweets.

1. Apply base colors

2. With a dotting tool, draw on the over flowing cream~

3. With a light brown, draw on the donuts!!!!!

4. With a dotting tool, dot on / draw on the chocolate and strawberry icing on the donuts!

5. Use the Nail Topping Coat on the little donuts and the cream as sprinkles!!!! ! Then add a clear top coat~



Donut Nails!!!! With Canmake Nail Topping Coat! Donut Nails!!!! With Canmake Nail Topping Coat! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, September 22, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Oh my this is soooo yummy! ^_^

    1. thanks thanks~
      But they are so hard to wash off....just like any other glitters


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