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    Kracie Happy Kitchen - Donuts!

    I got a pack of this in a little shop a while back. I finally have time to open it up and play with it today. I saw RRcherrypie doing this on YouTube and can't help but to get a pack for myself.

    This is a an edible cooking toy made by the Japanese. There are many little packets of powder and measuring tools in the box. You just have to add water to the powder, stir and shape it into the mold that is provided in the box.

    I had so much fun. The dough looking part taste like vanilla or chocolate. The topping sauces are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

    The texture of the donuts is like soggy marshmallow, not very flattering...haha. I didn't really like the texture and the taste. It was just too sweet. I did have a lot of fun making them though!

    I saw RRcherrypie making edible toy curry rice recently~ I wanna get a pack of that as well~



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