Doraemon image plate QA14 stamping fail!!!

One of the many items I got from my last nail haul was a QA14 image plate.  It's a Doraemon image plate.  The packaging was normal.  Nothing special.  However, unlike the Spongebob QA2 image plate, this QA14 plate didn't look at good.  The back was scratched and just didn't look perfect.

Like the other plates, it had this blue plastic film on it that I could easily peel off.

I think the images on the plate is cute.  I like there are 4 different Doraemon images on it.
However, the quality of this plate is super super bad! It's almost impossible to pick up the whole image.  I tried 10 times to pick up the image. At first I thought it's because I am not cleaning the plate right.  Then I thought it because of the force I am picking up the image.  I tried numerous times and it just didn't work out.  The QA2 plate I got with this QA14 plate has way better quality!. I am so !!!!!  Waste of my money and effort to use this. 

I tried to persuade myself to accept the crappy images on my finger...however, looking at my nails, I couldn't help to wash it all off.  They look like some fake Doraemon you find selling on the street.  Very disappointed!!!

Doraemon image plate QA14 stamping fail!!! Doraemon image plate QA14 stamping fail!!! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, September 06, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. thanks. I think the images are adorable. I think i'll need try again.

  2. Looks so cute. For me its a winner :)

    1. thanks.
      i think it would be better if I can stamp better tho.

  3. Nail art is looking very pretty I have similar plate but it says ob14 ....I got it from fab your nails

    1. How is your plate?
      Is it easy to use?
      What stamper do you use?


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